Bengaluru Rapido driver kidnapped, assaulted and robbed by customer’s friend (labcalindia)

A 30-year-old Rapido bike-taxi driver in Bengaluru was reportedly kidnapped, assaulted, and robbed on August 29, the Times of India reported today.

The perpetrator, identified as Pawan, 25, has been apprehended by the Girinagar police, who are now hunting his associate.

As per the report, the victim, Manu BC, lodged a formal complaint with the police on September 1. It all began when Manu received a ride request from a customer who wished to travel from Hosakerehalli Cross to Peenya. As Manu headed towards the pickup location, he received a call from the customer, who claimed to be waiting near the Hosakerehalli skywalk.

Upon arriving at the spot around 12:10 AM, Manu was informed by the customer that his friend would be taking the ride instead. To compensate for the inconvenience, the customer transferred Rs 100 to Manu through a digital payment app, after cancelling the ride.

However, the situation took a menacing turn when the customer’s friend, Pawan, forcibly boarded Manu’s two-wheeler and menacingly brandished a dagger. Under the threat of the weapon, Manu was coerced into silence and forced to obey Pawan’s commands. The assailant then directed Manu to a room located in a slum in Laggere around 12:45 AM.

As per the report, several residents of the slum witnessed Pawan’s actions as he compelled Manu to enter the room, still holding him at knifepoint. Despite the obvious distress of the situation, no one intervened, according to Manu’s account.Inside the room, Pawan subjected Manu to physical assault using an iron rod while simultaneously demanding that he hand over his money. Manu disclosed that he had only Rs 3,500 in cash, prompting Pawan to inspect his PhonePe balance, which amounted to the same sum. Desperate for more funds, Pawan instructed Manu to contact his friends for financial assistance. However, given the late hour, Manu’s appeals to his friends went unanswered.

Eventually, Manu reached out to a cousin, requesting a transfer of funds. His relative could provide only Rs 3,000, and another friend contributed Rs 1,000 to Manu’s account. Upon discovering that Manu possessed a debit card, Pawan escorted him to a nearby ATM kiosk, where he withdrew an additional Rs 7,500.

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