Sea of Stars: Sea of Stars: See if game has New Game Plus mode (labcalindia)

Sea of Stars, the latest creation from Studio Sabotage, has quickly gained popularity, selling 100,000 copies within just one day and earning praise even before its release. Drawing inspiration from classic titles like Chrono Trigger and Breath of Fire, the game promises an unforgettable adventure.

Apart from the main storyline, players can engage in various side activities, including hunting collectibles, participating in mini-games and tackling side quests. Yet, one burning question remains: does Sea of Stars feature a New Game Plus mode?

The answer is a resounding yes. The addition of the New Game Plus mode became possible thanks to the team’s successful Kickstarter campaign, hitting their stretch goal. This exciting feature is available right from the game’s launch for those who complete the main story.

Sea of Stars: New Game Plus mode

In the New Game Plus mode, your party becomes considerably stronger as all your character stats carry over from your initial playthrough. Additionally, all items acquired and purchased in your first playthrough, including crucial quest-related items, will carry over as well. This carryover is expected to significantly ease the early-game experience.What sets the New Game Plus mode apart is the inclusion of an alternative ending, unattainable during your original playthrough. This alternative ending is regarded as the true conclusion of the game, making it a must-experience feature for many enthusiastic fans.


Is New Game Plus mode available in Sea of Stars?
Yes, Sea of Stars offers a New Game Plus mode. It was made possible through Kickstarter support and is accessible after completing the main story. Your stats and items carry over, including key quest items, simplifying early gameplay.

What’s unique about the New Game Plus mode in Sea of Stars?
The New Game Plus mode in Sea of Stars not only boosts your party’s strength with carried-over stats but also unveils an exclusive alternative ending, unattainable in the original playthrough, considered the true conclusion of the game.

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