Sunny Deol, Karan Deol steal the limelight; extend support to Rajveer Deol and Paloma [Watch Video] (labcalindia)

Sunny Deol and Karan Deol shine brightly as they steal the spotlight, showing their unwavering support for Rajveer Deol and Paloma. Watch the video to know more.

At the Dono trailer launch event, the Deol family created a buzz as Sunny Deol and Karan Deol took center stage, stealing the limelight with their charismatic presence. The father-son duo showed immense support for Rajveer Deol and Paloma, the lead actors of the film. The event was filled with excitement and anticipation as fans eagerly awaited the unveiling of the film’s trailer.
Sunny Deol, known for his powerful performances, radiated his trademark charm and confidence, captivating the audience with his magnetic presence. Karan Deol, following in his father’s footsteps, showcased his talent and charisma, leaving everyone impressed.Their support for Rajveer Deol and Paloma was evident as they stood by their side throughout the event, showering them with encouragement and appreciation. The Deol family’s unity and camaraderie were on full display, reflecting their strong bond and dedication to their craft.The trailer launch event was a star-studded affair, with industry insiders and fans eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of the much-anticipated film. Sunny and Karan’s presence added an extra layer of excitement, and their support for the young actors further heightened the anticipation surrounding the project.

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