Under Constant Threat of Losing His $10,000,000 Job, Sergio Perez Intends to Die a Hero Amidst Red Bull’s Search for Ideal Partner (labcalindia)

Sergio Perez has had a difficult 2023 season so far, with the Red Bull driver failing to perform on the same level as that of his teammate Max Verstappen. He has been beaten comprehensively throughout the season and hasn’t been able to come anywhere near Verstappen, despite driving the same car. Additionally, with Ricciardo making his return to F1, it is being speculated that Perez’s stint at Red Bull, which pays him $10,000,000 a year, might be nearing its end. Now, as per a report by GP Today, Perez has admitted that he is looking for alternative options for next season.

Even though Perez had a decent Italian GP where he claimed P2, finishing six seconds behind Verstappen, he has been completely off the pace for the majority of the season. At one point in time, he had failed to reach Q3 for five races in a row while his teammate had claimed the pole in each of them.

Despite these poor results, Red Bull has been quite patient with Perez, with Horner and Marko both suggesting that there are no doubts regarding his future. However, the Red Bull bosses have also claimed that nothing is certain in F1 and they would need a strong teammate for Verstappen in the future in case the other teams start challenging them.

Sergio Perez reveals that he is open to alternatives

After failing to live up to the expectations, Perez has been trying to pull up his socks for a long time. He spoke to DAZN during the Italian GP weekend and explained that learning is the most important part of F1. He said, “Every year you learn new things. That’s why I love this sport so much. You learn all the time.

However, Perez also hinted at the fact that he isn’t too sure if he will be a part of the Red Bull team after this season. He said, “If my place for 2024 is not here, then I also have to look at alternatives.

His current contract with Red Bull runs out at the end of the 2024 season. He signed a two year extension with the team back in 2022 after winning the Monaco GP that year. However, Perez said that he has to sit down soon, and start thinking about a new contract.

Perez’s main focus right now is Red Bull

Perez is slowly finding his groove and has started to perform much better compared to how he was faring in the first half of the season. He managed to finish P2 twice in the last three races, but is still a long away from catching Verstappen.

Perez explained that despite being open to alternatives, his main focus right now is Red Bull. He said, “I want to win more races and I want to continue winning world championships with the guys from Red Bull.” However, Perez has a lot of work to do if he wants to challenge Verstappen for race wins in the near future.

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