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Gautam Gambhir finds himself amid a social media controversy following the viral circulation of a video in which the former Indian cricketer made an inappropriate gesture during what seemed to be the Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan. Gambhir, who is currently a part of the Asia Cup broadcasting team, appeared to lose his temper amid the crowd’s repeated chanting of Virat Kohli’s name. Exactly what ticked off Gambhir remains a mystery. It’s entirely possible that it had nothing to do with Kohli, but the fact is he chose to express his displeasure through an indecent gesture that was clearly unbecoming of a two-time World Cup winner.

Gautam Gambhir’s gesture has left everyone shocked. (Screengrab)

Gambhir has endured repeated teasing with Kohli-related chants in the past, including incidents during the IPL. However, he has always maintained his composure in such situations. But the shocking video of Gambhir’s actions has generated significant attention across the internet, potentially putting him in a precarious position.

The video appears to have been filmed during the rain break. While both teams were taking a break across the dugout and changing room, Gambhir was observed strolling near the vicinity of the sight screen. Although the entire sequence of events is not fully captured, as Gambhir was heading back, his focus seemingly shifted to a portion of the crowd chanting ‘Kohli-Kohli.’ Whether it was that particular section Gambhir went after or some other is not evident, but something was said that provoked the former India opener. And without any hesitation, Gambhir made the controversial gesture, sparking substantial uproar on the internet.

Watch the video below:

Looking back at Gambhir’s history with Kohli

The enduring history between Kohli and Gambhir is no secret. While they were India teammates from 2008 to 2011, the relationship took a competitive turn, to put it mildly, during a heated exchange in the IPL 2012. Gambhir’s aggressive send-off to Kohli didn’t sit well with a young Kohli, who confronted his Delhi teammate with a verbal exchange. Despite reassurances from both Kohli and Gambhir about their relationship, a lingering tension seems to persist.

Kohli and Gambhir did not cross paths frequently until this year’s IPL, when their interactions gained attention during a match between Lucknow Super Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore. After LSG emerged victorious in their first encounter, the spotlight fell on Gambhir’s aggressive handshake with Kohli post-match, sparking much discussion. Thankfully, the issue appeared to have resolved, with Kohli and Gambhir even posing for a photo together to quell media speculation.

However, this reconciliation was short-lived. In a subsequent clash, Kohli’s confrontation with Afghanistan pacer Naveen-ul-Haq escalated before Gambhir, serving as LSG’s mentor, stepped in. Visuals of Gambhir and Kohli exchanging heated words took center stage during the match. A few days later, a video captured Gambhir’s reaction to ‘Kohli-Kohli’ chants, where he responded with a stern gaze before entering the dressing room.

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