wordle: ​Wordle #808: Clues , solution to crack ‘word of the day’ for September 5 (labcalindia)

Wordle is a globally accessible web based game owned by The New York Times. It was designed by Engineer Josh Wardle.

Josh Wardle earlier designed the puzzle for his wife who loved word games. Later on, it was made publicly accessible when NYT bought it for six figures.

Wordle is a word puzzle game with limited chances to crack the puzzle. It resets every midnight and brings new word puzzle challenges every day. It does not repeat its answers.

Wordle is free to play and is globally popular for its unique play of word. It is available at The NYT website. It does not require any fishy log ins or sign ups.

Earlier, a previously played Wordle dictionary was available at the website. However, it has been taken down.

Wordle is loved by millions of people for its unique play of words. People across the globe play Wordle and maitain their winning streaks.

Here’s a quick guide on how to play Wordle

Wordle is a word puzzle game in which you have to crack a five letter word given in a grid. You have to randomly type letters inside the grid in order to crack the word.But wait!!!

You only have 6 attempts to do so and every wrong entry will cost you one.

While typing in the letters, the block in the grid changes colors-

If it turns Gray, it means letters from your word are not there in the secret word at all.

Yellow means, the letters are there but not in the same position.

Green means, you’ve nailed it, letters match with the same position in which they are placed.

Wordle Hints for September 5

The word starts from B.

The word ends at H.

There is only one vowel in the word.

Meaning: Bright, shining; the birch tree

Today’s Wordle answer is an easy one. But if you are still struggling with it- Scroll down!!!

Spoiler Alert!

Wordle Answer for September 5


Keep looking for this space everyday for such hints, answers to keep up your winning streak!


When does Wordle reset?
Wordle brings in new challenges every day. It stays for 24 hr and then resets every midnight. Every day a new challenge comes up to decipher a new word.

Where to play Wordle?
Wordle is owned by The New York Times and is available to play at its official website. It is completely ad free. No fishy log ins or signs up are required to play the game.

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